Many issues in life are polarized, including many pregnancy, birth, and parenting issues. Should I give birth in the hospital, a birthing center or at home? Should I use a physician or midwife or someone else? Should I breastfeed fulltime, part time or not at all? Should I put my child to sleep in a crib, a co-sleeper or snuggle up in bed next to my child? As if those weren’t enough decisions to make, add the decisions about diapers – cloth or disposable, home-laundering or laundry service, plastic or biodegradable. Even no diapers – the movement known as diaper free or environmental communication has its controversies, debates and confusion, including: Where do I allow my child to urinate or defecate? Should I do this only at home or everywhere?

Given my love of writing about and sorting and presenting complicated issues (my entire career has been devoted to such writing, in fact), I decided to do a short article on hygiene. Well, that article on hand washing and genital hygiene led to the sundry diaper issues, which led to this blog. It’s full of all sides of the issues, some advice (but not too much) because I think parents today are old enough to make their own decision. Sure, ask for my advice; I do love dispensing it (ask in the comment section or email mail me). Give me your opinion or comments – I’m always open to learning  new things except sometimes when I think I “know it all,” as the saying goes. Mostly, open your mind and enjoy the blog articles because I loved researching and writing each one of them. That’s the truth. Just loved it, especially when it distracted me from cleaning, weeding or working on the next book. And yes, sometimes it even kept me out of trouble shopping. Now that’s looking at a half-full cup! Seriously, there are other blogs out there on diapers and all the other issues I’ve written about, including how to handle bedwetting and how to make a decision about letting a child go diaper free. So what’s so different about this one? Maybe not much except that we are each unique and I’ve tried to bring my own voice to these topics, and as I’ve said before, my own perspective, which is that you should make up your own mind about most issues about parenting. But for many of them, it should be a carefully considered, well-informed decision.

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